Jodi Allison Mishkin's Assessment Paper's

Jodi Allison Mishkin

“And you shall teach them diligently to your children” V'ahav'ta

 Jodi Allison Mishkin
Organization: Temple Beth Torah
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Favorite Place in Israel:Ein Gedi

How has Israel played a part in your personal Jewish identity?
The various opportunities I have had to visit Israel has strengthened my personal Jewish Identity by creating a connection for me with Israeli people, exploring the land, and giving me the ability to immerse and experience Jewish culture. For me these experiences have lead to a comfort of being able to feel like Israel is a second home to me and given me the opportunity to teach about Israel from experience.

Who was the educator who most influenced your path to Jewish education? Describe the effect that they had on you.
One of the most influential people in my life growing up was the Rabbi of my Synagogue. Through his creative programming I was always inspired to attend Religious School, be an active member of our Synagogue youth group, and work in our Religious School. This led me to various opportunities to participate in my local Jewish community and gave me a desire to want to continue this connection to Synagogue life and to expand my Jewish education as an undergraduate.

If you had the ability to build the landscape of Jewish education, what would it look like? - in 140 characters or less.
To me the ultimate landscape of Jewish education would include a balance between formal and informal Jewish education fused with innovation and technology. In the ideal situation, students would be able to become immersed with their Jewish experiences not just by listening and reading, but by doing and participating in hands on experiences.

What are you looking forward to most in the InCiTE Fellowship? I am very excited to be part of the InCiTE fellowship and I am most looking forward to new experiences, meeting new people, sharing ideas, and learning together. I hope to take away with me creative and innovative ways to bring the Jewish world back to my teenagers specifically in the area of Israel Education.

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