Lilach Bluevise


כבוד לבריות

 Lilach Bluevise
Organization: SSDSEU
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Favorite Place in Israel: Tel Aviv

How has Israel played a part in your personal Jewish identity? I was born in Israel, and raised by my family to love Israel and contribute to it. Belonging to a youth movement, my service in the army (2.5 years as a commander) and my education continued shaping my appreciation to Israel and the love for teaching. When I came to the US and started working in Jewish education my knowledge about Judaism- thoughts and practices was enhanced a lot. I am happy to incorporate my love for teaching, for Israel and Ivrit with Judaism while working with students in Israel related programs. I am very active in connecting our community with our partners in Israel, and am very excited to see the influence that the visits of our Israeli peers to our school have on their Jewish identity.

Who was the educator who most influenced your path to Jewish education?Describe the effect that they had on you. I always wanted to become a teacher like my first grade teacher, Michal. Later, I developed leadership skills in my army service. In the university it was the learning together with Yael and Oshrat, my peers, whom I consider good friends even today, that enriched my studying. My path in Jewish education in the US is influenced a lot by the opportunities I was given while joining the SSDSEU staff. I am lucky to have great mentors in SSDSEU and to continue a very fruitful work with Dr. Raynor, the head of school at SSDSEU, a real visionary in Jewish education.

If you had the ability to build the landscape of Jewish education, what would it look like? - in 140 characters or less. Developing the place of Israel as a part of the Jewish values of our students, by connecting the Jewish students in the US with the students in Israel through meaningful Israel experiences.

What are you looking forward to most in the InCiTE Fellowship? Being with educators who are passionate about Israel education, and learn with and from them