Shahar Gal

One quote/phrase or text that guides me most?
"Zion and the youth" by Martin Buber. It talks about the idea that only the young and free can make the real change. 

Name: Shahar Gal 
Organization: Shorashim 
Website of Organization: 

Favorite Place in Israel: 
the Golan heights

How has Israel played a part in your personal Jewish identity? 
Israel is the core of my Jewish identity. It's here that I have developed the understanding and pride of what it means to be Jewish . 

Who was the educator who most influenced your path to Jewish education?
Describe the effect that they had on you. when I finished high school in Israel I was a part of a social democrat Zionist youth movement and I had a guide for a long time that made me decide to vol entire for a year and postpone my army duty , and go be an educator myself at 18 . I remember that every time we would have an activity , at least in the beginning I would think about it for days and think about the fact that I need to change my life , I still try to pass that change to others .

If you had the ability to build the landscape of Jewish education, what would it look like? - in 140 characters or less. I imagine a long unbroken chain that would take a kid from early childhood in pre school and give him the understanding of what it is to be Jewish for him and then breakout to very different chains in witch he can go on and practice his Judaism in different ways, it would bring him to Israel time and time again and Israel would be something that he would want to leave to his children . and so the chain would go on . 

What are you looking forward to most in the InCiTE Fellowship? 
To work with others that are passionate about Jewish education and can really make a change that would last and inspire others .