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The following documents provide an overview of the materials and structure of the Israel trip Project INCiTE Fellows participated in.  December 2009
Israel Trip Itinerary - project InCiTE
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Professionals who presented at the Project InCiTE Israel Seminar

Hub – Tel Aviv
The Hub – Tel Aviv

Karen Shemer/Guzu Shalev - Presenters
SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking

Areyeh  Ben David - Director

Maya Raviv - Presenter
Me’or Foundation

Etgar Keret - Author
Etgar Keret

Joshua Yarden, PhD - Project InCiTE Coach

Keren Oren - Educational Director
Rabin Center

Mark Lazar - Israel Educator
Facebook page

Lindsay Citerman - Presenter

Rachel Korazin - Presenter
Israel Educational Consultant

Katie Green - Presenter
Ma’ale School of Television, Film & the Arts

Aharon Horowitz - Co Director

Forsan Hussein - Presenter
Jerusalem International YMCA

Gil Troy - Zionist Educator
Gil Troy

Eran Gute
Barchovot (Amazing race–Tel Aviv)

Zohar Raviv - Presenter
Educational Consultant

Michael Soberman - Presenter
Educational Consultant

Scott Copeland  - Director of Israel Travel Education –