Project InCiTE Findings:
Ten Things We've Learned About Innovation 
Contributions to the Field of Israel Education

We are pleased to share what we have learned through our experiences during Project InCiTE, and  invite you to glean insights  from the perspectives of innovation and Israel education.

The booklets can be download and printed in their entirety, or as individual essays.  
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Contribution to the Field of Israel Education Booklet 

Download the Complete Contribution to the Field of Israel Education Booklet here:
Download the Indivdual Cluster Reports by chapter here:
#1 Personal Narratives - Joshua Yarden & Rebecca Sykes
#2 Leadership - Simon Klarfeld
#3 Curriculum - Clare Goldwater & Reuven Greenvald
#4 Mifgashim - Adam Stewart
#5 Technology - Bradley Solmsen

History of Project InCITE - Debbie Seiden


10 Things We've Learned About Innovation Booklet 

Download the Complete  10 Things We've learned About Innovation Booklet Booklet here:
Download the Innovation Essays by chapter here:

#1: Status Quo Unacceptable - Adam Stewart
#2: Learning Innovation...Immerse Yourself - Reuven Greenvald
#3: More Than Just Babble - David Bryfman
#4: The First Idea is Rarely the Best Idea - Simon Klarfeld
#5: Deadlines Bring New Ideas to Life - Jill Minkoff
#6: Organizational Support - Clare Goldwater
#7: Strategic Assessment Guides Innovation - Bradley Solmsen
#8: Adapting to the Innovation Zone - Joshua Yarden
#9: Spreading New Ideas - Bill Robinson
#10: Risk Taking - Rebecca Sykes